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How to Avoid AIDS as Cases Climb

When you receive the Seal your thoughts change. And that changes your behavior. One of the most crucial changes is avoiding risky sexual behaviors. This is now even more crucial since more people have HIV and AIDS than previously thought.
The United States government is preparing to release new estimates of the number of people infected with HIV or AIDS. Insiders say that number is due to increase drastically.
In fact, that number is said to be increasing at least a third over what the government previously said. More people have HIV or AIDS than has been reported. And that means there is more risk for the average person.
Of course the average person is not at risk for HIV as much as a person who injects drugs with needles or a homosexual person. But the risk still exists, and there is much more risk to get other sexually transmitted diseases.
There is chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis. These diseases have become much more common in the recent days along with their more deadly counterpart HIV.
These other STDs do not usually kill their victims and can be treated. But a person getting treatment for these diseases can still spread them to other people, another reason not to be a part of any risky sexual behavior.
So far the US government has estimated that 40,000 people come down with HIV every year. Those are some sobering statistics. That is a huge number of people. And now the numbers are even higher.
Experts say the new government figure is going to be 55,000 people or even a higher number. Some of those people will die. Some of them will live terribly compromised lives for a while. For all of them it is the end.
Yet it is not always the end of their risky behavior. Some people with HIV or AIDS continue to share needles and practice unprotected sex. They have an addiction to behavior that is now not only self-destructive but hurts others as well.
New cases of HIV have been estimated at 40,000 for at least 10 years now, but as time passed, Federal funding for AIDS prevention has dropped considerably. So there is less focus on prevention. And the number of cases is climbing.
One of the problems with estimates is that HIV can take several years before it shows up in tests or makes a person sick at all. This is one of the insidious qualities of the disease--it can be spread without even revealing itself.
There are around 1 million people who are still alive and have the AIDS virus in America today. So there are at least a million people who can "share" the HIV virus with you, and 40,000 to 55,000 new ones each year.
You can break your addictions. When you become sealed God does some work on you. He breaks down those old addictions and helps you change into a wonderful new person.
You may not be addicted to heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines, and so you may not inject drugs with a needle. But you may have an addiction to unprotected sex, which translates into uncommitted sex.
God will break that addiction for you. That addiction to uncommitted sex is the one God is most concerned about. It can kill you physically with AIDS. And if it does not kill you with AIDS it will kill your soul.
But you can become sealed. And when you do your thinking will change. And your behavior will follow. You may still be tempted but you will no more act on those thoughts when you receive the Seal.
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